Women Bylines: bringing more women’s voices to journalism

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Women Bylines: bringing more women’s voices to journalism

In the summer of 2017, the Kering Foundation co-hosted Chime For Change’s second Women Bylines, a five-day intensive journalism workshop that brought together 14 female storytellers from around the world. These women, with their own unique perspectives, offer alternative narratives to what is routinely diffused in the media and share untapped and powerful stories that reflect their lives and the lives of so many others.

Much like in the movie industry, which has come under strong scrutiny since the #MeToo movement in the fall of 2017, journalism is dominated by male voices. According to a study conducted by the IWMF, two-thirds of reporters' positions are held by men, with women facing a glass ceiling as they develop in their careers. This, of course, is reflected in the stories that are highlighted and how they are told: the United Nations estimates that only 9% of global news focuses on gender issues.

This is why the Women Bylines initiative is so important. The workshop in 2017 allowed professionals to come together and share their thoughts and how they see the world. A particularly important aspect of the workshop revolved around violence against women and the complexities of relationships today, based on societal factures and pressures.

Many of the final projects that resulted from the workshop showcase the lives of women and how they deal with every day, systematic micro-aggressions and violence. Different issues such as consent, cyber-harassment and discrimination are explored in these impactful projects, which depict a new perspective of our everyday lives rarely brought to the forefront in mainstream storytelling.

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