Tune in for the 3rd season of "ELLES ont toutes une histoire"

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Tune in for the 3rd season of "ELLES ont toutes une histoire"

To celebrate International Women's Day, the Kering Foundation presents the third season of "ELLES ont toutes une histoire", a series of 1 minute 30 second documentaries highlighting the “feminine future”, through the eyes of 11 girls between the ages of 9 and 18 years old.

Mark your calendars! Until March 15th discover the moving, funny and genuine testimonies, on the production company Imagissime’s YouTube channel*. These strong young women talk openly about issues including gender equality, access to sexual and reproductive health, as well as respect and many more! Directed by Samuel Le Bihan, this season highlights how these young women see life and the new territories they have yet to conquer.

Watch their stories and share your thoughts on social media using #LeurHistoire


Find the full season here.

*For French speakers, the series will be broadcast on all France Television Group channels and platforms, as well as on Franceinfo and TV5Monde.