MovingWorlds helps you find the best place to volunteer your skills around the world, based on your unique preference and availability. Our matching platform connects you directly to local social impact organizations, and then our platform and support team guides you through an effective planning process in partnership with your host.

Partner support type: 

The MovingWorlds online matching and planning platform works in a proven process to make sure you find a quality match, plan effectively, develop new skills, and have a high impact trip. Different than traditional programs, we connect you directly to local organizations that have specific skill-requests, and then help you plan a mission with them. You will start on our matching site to browse missions that fit your skills. Then you will be introduced to a local organization to have an exploratory call. Once you confirm with us that it’s a good mission, we’ll guide you through a planning process in partnership with the local organization, and provide you an additional planning checklist to help you prepare for your trip – this process creates an experience uniquely customized for your skills and preferences.

MovingWorlds works in English or Spanish, and primarily over email and Skype.

Partner mission type: 

MovingWorlds works with a variety of locally and internationally-operated organizations, including: non-profits, social enterprises/ businesses, community groups, or schools. In all cases, a local representative from the organization identifies a specific need or opportunity. As a volunteer, you can browse these missions and choose the one most relevant to you.

Potential projects vary widely by skills, but you can look at a few sample projects here before applying. Previous volunteers have led executive training sessions for female social entrepreneurs, completed marketing projects for fair-trade women fashion non-profits, created video and photography portfolios for women empowerment non-profits, led operational and supply chain consulting projects for sustainable fashion companies, integrated IT and accounting systems for foundations, and developed business development and sales strategy plans for female-led, women-serving social businesses. Available missions vary by week, and the current missions can be seen here before applying.

Partner location: 

Projects will be in the Americas and Asia. Popular countries are India, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Colombia, but new projects will be posted in other areas in the Americas and Asia. Check the current opportunities for current projects.

Languages required: 

MovingWorlds mandates that you speak the language required by the local hosting organization. Most projects are in English, yes however some may be in Spanish, French, or other popular languages as stipulated by the needs of the mission. Before being matched, you will be able to look to ensure you have the proper language abilities.

Mission preparation: 

To start the process, you will be given free access to MovingWorlds platform. From there, you will create a profile, upload your resume, and then be able to search projects. Once you see a mission you like, you will be introduced to the local organization, have an exploratory call with a representative from the organization, and then confirm a match. We’ll then guide you through a planning process with the local organisation, usually a couple of calls and an online (2 hours) training you can watch wherever you are and a virtual live training (3 hours) we will have on skype with other participants to give you the change to share your questions and meet other Volunteers. Total preparation time will be about 8 hours. After your trip, we’ll ask for another hour or two of your time share stories and complete an assessment survey. Everything will be in English.


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