The men fighting for women’s rights: ELLES ont toutes une histoire – season 4

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The men fighting for women’s rights: ELLES ont toutes une histoire – season 4

We are WOMEN - Season 4 - Luc Frémiot


After the fight for women's rights around the world (season 1 by Nils Tavernier), sexism in the workplace (season 2 by Olivier Lemaire) and the “feminine future” seen through the eyes of girls (season 3 by Samuel Le Bihan), the 4th season of the inspiring series Elles ont toutes une histoire highlights men working to create gender equality for women.


The Kering Foundation, along with seven other foundations, is proud to support this 4th season, directed by Marie Drucker and produced by Elodie Polo Ackermann.


Seven short films (one and a half minutes each) are scheduled to play from March 4th to March 10th on all France Television Group channels and platforms. This season focuses on men from different backgrounds - doctors, dancers, students and more - for whom the fight for equality is an absolute necessity. On Tuesday, March 5th and Thursday, March 7th, two episodes highlight the work of our partners:


  • Richard Matis, gynecologist, obstetrician, and vice-president of Gynécologie sans frontières

Gynécologie sans frontières (GSF) is an NGO that aims to respect human dignity and promote women around the world by focusing on three essential factors: medical, psychological and social. The Kering Foundation offers its support to the GSF’s “Caminor Project” which provides gynecological and obstetrical follow-up and care for women victims of violence in the refugee camps in Calais.


  • Gary Barker, psychologist and president of Promundo

Promundo promotes non-violent masculinity through programs and awareness campaigns in order to create a more equal society. The Kering Foundation supports in particular its program Manhood 2.0 that aims to engage young men in recognizing and transforming the current inequitable belief system they have grown up with. The objective is to free men from the "Man Box" that has encouraged young men into ways of thinking and being that harm women and girls.



Every day, from March 4 to 10 watch a new episode on YouTube.