Li Ying, Beijing Yuanzhong Gender Development Center, Beijing, China

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Li Ying, Beijing Yuanzhong Gender Development Center, Beijing, China

Enabling 1,000 women a year across China to access on and offline training to be free of domestic violence 

In 2012, domestic violence occurred in one third of the 320 million Chinese families polled and 90% of these victims were women1. A leading women’s protection lawyer, who has represented more than 100 clients in domestic violence cases, and was a powerful advocate for the country’s 2016 Anti-Domestic Violence Law, Li Ying is founder and director of Yuanzhong, one of China’s foremost support centers for survivors. Yuanzhong is launching on and offline training in order to reach 1,000 women per year across China. By sharing this training online, Yuanzhong makes vital information accessible to a greater number of women survivors of domestic violence, who often find themselves without the necessary support services. The courses will connect women to the knowledge they need to rebuild their lives - from defining domestic violence to identifying relevant legal and social aid; to healing psychological trauma and establishing support networks.
“There are three sources to my motivation: first, a large number of potential victims in China has made me realize that domestic violence is common in this country and must be addressed. Second, by consulting and dealing with lawsuits, I've seen the irreparable harm caused by domestic violence to both families and victims. Last but not least, a two-year pilot project I ran with a similar approach proved to make a true impact on the lives of victims. These three points, coupled with the potential of the training we are developing, motivate me to move forward.”


“I have extraordinary enthusiasm and persistence. This power comes from my belief in laws, as well as the strong connection and compassion I feel toward women and children victims of violence.” Li Ying, founder of Yuanzhong