International Women’s Day: the future is female!

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International Women’s Day: the future is female!

"International Women’s Day 2019 will look to industry leaders, game-changing start-ups, social entrepreneurs, gender equality activists, and women innovators to examine the ways in which innovation can remove barriers and accelerate progress for gender equality, encourage investment in gender-responsive social systems, and build services and infrastructure that meet the needs of women and girls [1]."

From divorce by mutual consent, to the right to vote and the freedom to study, throughout history, major advances have been made to improve women's living conditions. And yet, in 2019, women are still victims of inequality and violence... In other words, women's rights continue to be a daily struggle!

For the 42nd International Women's Day, the theme of which is "think equal, build smart, innovate for change", the Kering Foundation is proud to support daring, visionary women who are shaping the future of tomorrow!


Focus on 3 of our social entrepreneurs committed to empowering women:

  • Jessica Ladd, Callisto - “Tech to combat sexual violence & harassment” - USA
    Callisto is a website for victims of sexual assault that identifies any repeat sexual predator on American campuses. Thanks to a unique recognition system, it allows survivors to securely create time-stamped records of their assault and report when they are ready to take action. Callisto has expanded into the professional world to empower survivors beyond college campuses.
  • Hera Hussain, Chayn - “Tackling violence against women globally via intersectional, survivor-led resources on the web” – Great Britain
    Chayn is an open-source digital project run on the passion of more than 400 skilled volunteers from 15 countries, to create resources to inform and support survivors of violence through podcasts, toolkits, Snapchat and chatbots.
  • Marie Reverchon, du Pain & des Roses – “Nurturing the future of women asylum seekers through floral design workshops” - France
    Du Pain & des Roses organizes floral design workshops for women asylum seekers in France, a population that is in need of social integration in a time of extreme uncertainty. These workshops allow the women to develop their creativity and skills, and to regain self-confidence.


March 8 is also the opportunity for our partners and social entrepreneurs to bring visibility to the fight for women's rights! Spotlight on 6 events happening around the world:

La Maison des Femmes is expanding!
La Maison des Femmes, outside of Paris (Saint-Denis), is a safe haven for women which offers care as well as unique and comprehensive guidance, not only medical but also psychological, emotional, mental and physical. Gynaecologists, sexologists, chiropractors, police officers and lawyers listen, treat, repair and guide survivors with kindness.

On March 8, 2019, Ghada Hatem, obstetrician, gynecologist and founder of La Maison des Femmes, will lay the first stone of the future extension of the structure, which will double in size by 2020 to provide comprehensive services to a greater number of women and create a unit dedicated to supporting victims of child abuse.

An added bonus: The du Pain & des Roses team, along with a graduate from their program, will be at La Maison des Femmes where they will run a bouquet workshop for the women.

« ELLES ont toutes une histoire » is back for a 4th season
« ELLES ont toutes une histoire » is a series of inspiring short films supported by the Kering Foundation and 7 others foundations.

This new season highlights men working to create gender equality for women. Find out more here and watch the new episodes on YouTube from March 4 to 10*.

* For French speakers, the series will be broadcast on all France Television Group channels and platforms. Watch here.

RUN (Rebuild, Unite and Nurture): empowerment through sport
The organization RUN (Rebuild, Unite and Nurture) in Hong-Kong uses running, physical fitness and outdoor adventure to rehabilitate women refugees and asylum seekers who are victims of sexual violence.

RUN Hong Kong celebrates International Women’s Day with events focused on their female refugee participants who are in the process of overcoming trauma. In the lead up, a group of 40 refugee women will attend a professional multi-cultural dance class to celebrate their strength and resilience. Seven refugee women who graduated as professional caregivers through RUN's education program will attend a résumé writing workshop on Thursday, thus removing a barrier to access the workforce. On March 8th itself, a group of 60 mixed gender refugees will meet to discuss gender equality and current barriers in their lives, followed by a movie night of the Oscar winning movie "Black Panther."

NYCAASA and Project DOT: a pioneering program for youth that highlights healthy relationships
The mission of the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault is to prevent sexual violence and reduce the harm it causes through education, advocacy and research.

The pioneering program aims to self-empower youth from underserved communities (LGBTQ+, Black, Latinx and East, Southeast, and South Asian groups). Project DOT gives these young people, often without access to traditional prevention and education programs on sexual violence, as well as healthy relationships, a platform to define and share positive messaging to: ​​

Dream (of a world where sexual violence is nonexistent),
Own (our thoughts and unique voices),
Tell (our stories and bring new knowledge back to our communities).

A new awareness campaign will be launched in March on social media to create an engaged community where young people can share positive messages through blogs, videos and graphic content. The objective is to help young people question the way they talk about sex, consent and relationships. Check out their Twitter and Instagram accounts to stay up to date on their latest news.

Women’s Aid: an evening to celebrate #InspiringSurvivors
Women’s Aid is a national British charity that works to end domestic violence against women and children.

For International Women's Day, Julie Walters and Mel B, patrons of Women's Aid, host a fashion show and a charity dinner in London. This inspirational evening will highlight survivors - who will participate in the show - and all profits will be donated to Women's Aid.

WAVE Network: putting an end to cyberbullying
WAVE is a network of European NGOs working to combat violence against women and children. The network aims to promote and strengthen human rights, prevent violence against women and children in particular and establish gender equality.

20% of women between 18 and 29 have already been victims of sexual cyberbullying in Europe and the risk of suicide attempts is twice higher among victims of cyberbullying. To combat this,WAVE has launched the CYBERSAFE project, which particularly affects women and girls, through a new approach: promoting healthy relationships and gender equality. Follow their latest news on Twitter.