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Inter Aide

Women's Health and Awareness Female Genital Mutilation

Inter Aide is a non-governmental organisation founded 30 years ago and specialised in development aid and capacity building programmes dedicated to economically deprived populations. Inter Aide programmes are intended to meet specific vital needs, and designed to help the beneficiaries gain the drive and capacity to take care of themselves durably.
The NGO's initiatives address a number of topics: identification of vital needs jointly with communities, search for realistic solutions, mobilisation of the communities, mechanisms of results appropriation by the beneficiaries, cost control, viable durability of the results achieved.

The project supported by the PPR Foundation intends to promote contraception as a measure combining multiple benefits in terms of food security, health and improved women's status, by clearing the path towards new models valuing fertility control and physical integrity.
The contraception-based approach represents an entrance gate to address more socially sensitive issues, in a context of low acceptance to discourses linked to sexuality and reproduction.
Contraception is a powerful weapon of women's emancipation and empowerment, enhancing their control over their everyday life and fostering group solidarity via encounters.

Inter Aide
Improve access to reproductive healthcare and raise awareness on issues linked to STDs and excision
Start date:
June 2009
End date:
June 2011
Women of procreating age, i.e. around 21% of the total population.