In France, an online platform to report sexual violence

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In France, an online platform to report sexual violence

In France, while more than 600,000 women are victims of sexual violence each year[1], only 1 in 10 reports sexual assaults according to figures from Insee[2] and the Observatoire national de la délinquance et des réponses pénales[3] published in 2017[4].

To facilitate the procedure for victims, particularly in filing complaints, an online platform was launched in November 2018 by the French government.

This free and anonymous platform, which runs 24 hours a day, provides personalized and adapted support by police officers – who rely on a network of associations and professionals trained to combat sexual and gender-based violence. The portal, which functions as a chat simplifies reporting for victims living with their perpetrator, as well as immigrants, who do not speak the language, thanks to an integrated translation tool.

Victims can also choose to file a complaint, at which time the police officer contacts the person directly to make an appointment for her with the local family protection brigade. Witnesses of sexual and gender-based violence assault can also use the reporting portal to report an attack.

To learn more or report an assault, click here.



[1] Institut national d’études démographiques (INED) :
[2] The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies that collects, analyses and disseminates information on the French economy and society
[3] Department of the National Institute for Advanced Security and Justice Studies