Social entrepreneurs
Burkina Faso
Filles du facteur

Support women's empowerment through the production of crocheted accessories made from recycled plastic bags


Launched in 2008, the Filles du Facteur association has supported Burkinabe women by opening up economic outlets for them and by building a workshop to produce objects and fashion accessories from recycled and embroidered plastic bags. Furthermore, the association offers social support through training, literacy classes and access to healthcare. A winner of 2012 social entrepreneurs awards, this projet benefitted from the support of a Kering manager, on brand positioning and distribution strategy. The mentor also went on the field to hold a training mission for Burkinabian women.

Filles du facteur
Burkina Faso
Burkinabian women's empowerment
Start date:
June 2012
End date:
June 2013
Women working in the workshop in Ouagadougou