#EverybodyToldMe and #NobodyToldMe, exploring the complexities of consent

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#EverybodyToldMe and #NobodyToldMe, exploring the complexities of consent

Consent can be a clear and simple statement, but its absence can be dangerous, turning any relationship into an obligation. Our partner NYCAASA (Alliance against Sexual Assault in New York City), and their Project DOT initiative, has launched a new, impactful communication campaign addressing this topic. Conceived and created by young people for young people, #EverybodyToldMe and #NobodyToldMe relays messages youth receive, as well as their thoughts on healthy relationships, sexual violence and more.


What is Project DOT?

Project DOT is a pioneering program that aims to self-empower youth from underserved communities (LGBTQ+, Black, Latinx and East, Southeast, and South Asian groups). Project DOT gives these young people, often without access to traditional prevention and education programs on sexual violence, as well as healthy relationships, a platform to define and share positive messaging to:

Dream (of a world where sexual violence is nonexistent),
Own (our thoughts and unique voices),
Tell (our stories and bring new knowledge back to our communities).

Project DOT works hand-in-hand with youth to co-create impactful social media campaigns that tackle sexual violence issues and more. The innovative project uses social media to assemble an engaged community where young people can speak out and share positive messaging through blogging, video and graphic content. The end goal is to bring a progressive change in social norms shifting from relationships based on violence acceptance and victim blaming to more sustainable and healthy relationships.


Check out their social media campaigns on Twitter and Instagram.

To learn more about NYCAASA, click here.