Discover Rossella's Solidarity Leave

Rossella is head of CSR at Gucci, she is based in Florence and she decided to take a Solidarity Leave in August 2016. She offered her help to an Indonesian NGO called Makarios Kreasindo. This is her story:


What did you bring to the mission?

I had the opportunity to share with them an extract of the experience and knowledge that I have on CSR & sustainability. I organized some trainings for the women working in the local company with the purpose to raise the awareness on CSR and sustainability topics. I arranged for them a customized sustainability roadmap and project-plan applied to their specific business: design and production of accessories.

Furthermore, I was invited by the local University to give a lecture for teachers and for students. Also I have organized a meeting with local authorities and local stakeholders to increase the sensitivity on CSR topics and to strengthen synergies toward social business and women’s empowerment.

The best thing that they learnt is that Social Responsibility and Sustainability towards the nature and society are a “must” and our own responsibility for our future.


What did this mission bring to you?

This Solidarity Leave has fed my soul more than many other trips I have ever done. I had time to think and found so much positive energy and so much lucidity.

This was a real example of the beauty of discovering different cultures: I had the chance to share with the women I met the knowledge, and we dreamt together of feasible actions for a better world.

I experienced the real condition and problems they face in developing countries and I had the opportunity to help the women in Surabaya and Trowulan so they can have a better live.


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