“How does domestic violence impact the workplace?“

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“How does domestic violence impact the workplace?“

OneInThreeWomen, the first European network of companies committed to fighting violence against women, co-founded in 2018 by the Kering Foundation and the Act Against Exclusion Foundation (Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion – FACE), has revealed the results of its study entitled “How does domestic violence impact the workplace?”. Led by 4 international researchers and involving employees from 6 of the network’s member companies (Kering, L’Oréal, Korian, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, and OuiCare) in 6 countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom), the study objectives were two fold: 1. Measure the impacts of domestic violence on employees and their colleagues, as well as on the company as a whole. 2. Make actionable recommendations on how to better address this issue internally.

Sent to more than 40,000 employees, 3 major impacts of domestic violence on companies are highlighted:

  1. The effects of domestic violence on affected employees

16% of women and 4% of men surveyed reported current or past experiences of domestic violence. 55% of the employees surveyed reported that this violence had affected their work; there were particular issues with being late, absenteeism, or a drop in their productivity.


  1. The effects of domestic violence on work colleagues

1 employee in 10 knows a colleague who has suffered domestic violence. Furthermore, among those employees with knowledge of violence suffered by colleagues, 20% asserted that this violence affected their own work (due to stress and/or anxiety for example).


  1. Employees’ awareness about the support available in their workplace for victims of domestic violence

Only 2 respondents in 10 are familiar with the resources available in their workplace in cases of domestic violence.


The results prove the need for developing and implementing concrete measures internally to support women survivors of domestic violence. The study concludes with a list of recommendations for companies, to ensure that the workplace is a safe and supportive environment:

  • Create companywide programs to actively promote gender equality;
  • Create a network of spokespersons to raise awareness on domestic violence within each company;
  • Create company policies to formalize measures on available support for victims of domestic violence;
  • Organize trainings and awarenessraising sessions at all levels of the company;
  • Implement and roll out support mechanisms for employees;
  • Ensure all company employees, including management teams are included in the awarenessraising efforts;
  • Explore and mitigate the risks that domestic abusers pose in the workplace.


Convinced that the company has a key role to play in the combat of violence against women, the Kering Foundation invites others to join the movement.